Thursday, September 10, 2009

Market outlook for 10/09/09

Nifty Future had now closed above 4754 for 3 consecutive days…Now heading towards 4902-4957 level in short term.
Another 8 weeks and it will complete 55 weeks from low of 2228 and October it will complete 13 months.
In Next 8 weeks or 1 month, in remote circumstances it looks Nifty Future can zoom to kiss 5309-5566 level too.
But again and again I am writing and telling to my Subscribers every day trade with levels only. But after this rally the biggest slide is not ruled out, Worst panic of life will be seen by many Traders. Money, Wealth and Mental peace will be eroded.
Day/Swing/Future Traders just trade considering the levels... Why you think what will happen after 10-20-30 days?
What to expect in today’s session?
Today above 4832 if trades will take to 4845-4851.
What if trades above 4851??
Support exist at 4792- 3DEMA, Break below this level will take to 4738- 7DEMA
Keep watch on Sesa goa, FIEM Ind, Precision pipe, Goa carbon and Shri Ashtavinayak for a good intraday upmove

NIFTY Technicals:
Current Spot: 4814.25
Pivot: 4807.55
Supports: 4790 & 4766
Resistance: 4832 & 4849

Stock Ideas for the Day:
Buy Tcs Above 554, Tgt 559, 564, 567 Sl 549
Sell Tcs Below 549 Tgt 545,542,538 Sl 554
Sell Hero Honda Below 1651, Tgt 1640,1630,1615 Sl 1666
Buy Hero Honda Above 1666 Tgt 1680,1688,1698 Sl 1650
Buy Ksk Energy Venture Above 215 Tgt 218, 221 Sl 211
Buy Gvk Power & Infra Above 49 Tgt 50.50, 51.20 Sl 47.75
Buy Rajesh Export Above 60 Tgt 62, 63 Sl 59.10
Buy Syndicate Bank Above 83.25 Tgt 85, 87 Sl 80.5

Positional call: (7-15 days)
Buy Hcc Above 110.5 Tgt 120, 125 Sl 108

Use strict STOP LOSS in each and every trade in this kind of volatile market and Trade at your own risk.

Thanks & Regards

Market Pulse S&P Team

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